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Pure Adrenaline Driving School

The Pure Adrenaline Driving School is an affordable one day introduction to performance driving for drivers 15 years of age and older. We provide everything you will need  to learn the principles of high-performance driving safely on racing a real circuit. Class size is limited to four students to maximize track time and instructor interaction.


The single day curriculum starts with a one hour classroom session in which we discuss the art and science of driving on the limit. We will examine the theoretical proper “line” through any corner and then apply those theories to each of the host track's corners. We'll cover correct driving position, basic vehicle dynamics and the limits they impose for the driver. 


Outside, the group will do a track walk with the instructor(s) to see and discuss practical application of classroom theories. Next, students will be fitted to their Adrenaline Fix Karting-provided karts followed by simple familiarity runs and exercises allowing them to get acquainted with their kart and its characteristics. After a short lunch break students will return to the karts and practice individual sections of the track with instructors looking on. After each session students will meet with the instructors for critiques. Once all the sections have been trained and critiqued students will have the full run of the track for timed laps in 10 lap sessions until the end of the school day (roughly 4:00 pm). At the end of each session students will be able to discuss their progress and ways to improve with their instructor.


$295 (AFK-provided karts)*


Adrenaline Surge Racing School


The Adrenaline Surge Racing School is open to all drivers aged 15+ and is designed to take graduates of the Pure Adrenaline Driving School and rookie kart racers to the next level.


This one day school assumes the students have an understanding of performance driving principles and are ready to focus on how a kart works in a corner and how driving technique can get the most from his or her kart.


The day starts with a classroom session examining vehicle dynamics specific to a modern racing kart. The balance of the morning will be spent walking the track with instructors followed by in-kart lapping to become familiar with the track. After a brief lunch break students will be back in the karts focusing on sections of the track observed by the instructors. Between sessions instructors will offer critiques of drivers' performances and suggestions for lowering lap times. Full course lapping will follow section instruction.


$195 using student-provided karts

$345 using AFK-provided karts*


The 2014 school schedule posted on our Schedule tab. Additional courses may be added. Please check back often. 


*Due to the compact design of modern racing karts, height and weight restrictions may prevent participation of some drivers. Please contact us with any questions.

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