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As an authorized Briggs & Stratton Racing dealer we're very pleased to offer for sale or rent the Local Option 206 engine by Briggs & Stratton. We stock parts for the LO 206 engine in our Columbus, Ohio shop and trackside at events we attend.

The Briggs and Stratton built Local Option 206 is based on their Animal engine, a purpose-built go-kart racing engine. The engine is designed to handle 7000 rpm or more but the LO 206 is rev-limited to 6100 rpm. The crankcase is sealed so no work can be done to anything below the head and no new, improved, bigger-better-faster-more parts will be introduced. The engines are all hand-built by the Briggs Racing division to very tight tolerances to all but remove power variations between engines. This guarantees you will have the same engine and power characteristics as the guy next to you has - removing the question of what may or may not have been done to the engine when he pulls a couple lengths out of a corner. Reliability is also a feature of the LO206 - with regular oil changes the typical LO 206 owner is getting three or four seasons out of the engine. When a leak-down test indicates the rings are getting tired the prevailing logic says to sell the block to someone that is racing an Animal engine and simply purchase a new LO 206 short block from B&S for about $300.

LO 206 Crate Engine


LO 206 engine straight out of the box it as appears in the photo. 

$659 (2023 MSRP)

AFK LO 206 customers will enjoy the same commitment to exceptional service our arrive & drive and kart prep clients have come to expect. Service that includes gearing and tuning advice as well as a loaner engine if anything goes wrong with their AFK sourced LO 206 whenever we're at the track.    


We believe the LO 206 is a concept that is overdue. We are proud to be a part of it.

AFK LO206 Packages

LO 206 Junior engine packages also available

Call or write for a quote on the configuration you need

LO 206 Race Prepped Engine


LO 206 crate engine prepped for competition - floats set, valves lashed and a few other little legal tweaks. (You install your own pulse fitting, lines, header & muffler, chain guard, choke spring, air filter, etc.) 



LO 206 DIY Kit


LO 206 crate engine and all parts packaged for your assembly and tuning: Includes air filter, chain guard w/bolts, header/muffler assembly (clamps, braces, mesh wrap, bolts), pulse fitting, magnetic drain plug, breather fitting, choke spring & hour meter. 



Race Ready LO 206 Package

Race ready LO 206. Prepped, tuned, safety wired and ready for your clutch and motor mount. Includes air filter, header, muffler, chain guard, breather fitting, pulse fitting, pulse & fuel lines and premium features like high temp header mesh, magnetic drain plug, T-bolt  muffler clamp, hour meter and choke lever return spring. Spec'd and built to AFK team standards. Briggs recommended break-in procedure completed and ready to race.



Sealed LO206 Short Block


New sealed replacement short block  


Sealed LO 206 Short Block with Assembly & Prep


New sealed replacement short block with all components transitioned from old engine to new short block and engine prepped to race ready with initial break-in



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