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Arrive & Drives

Why Arrive & Drive?

If your passion is driving and competing and not necessarily turning wrenches, we're the perfect solution. After each on-track session our professional crew will debrief with you on how the session went and discuss what changes are needed to make the next session better. We'll set off on making the changes that were agreed upon and thoroughly inspect your kart while you review data, rest, re-hydrate and focus on the next green flag.


For clients who might enjoy working on their karts if they had more time during the week, our arrive & drive option takes care of that. Our experienced staff services our karts to the highest standards with emphasis on safety, reliability and speed. That allows you to take care of life's demands and arrive at the track knowing that your kart has been prepped for a full day of hard racing.


Our arrive & drive packages are also perfect for new kart racers eager to see what they can do out there. It can take years to master kart set-up & maintenance and by tapping into our years of karting experience you can flatten your learning curve dramatically. With a reliable and well tuned kart you have your best chance to perfect your driving and work your way to the front. We can even arrange a professional driving coach to ensure you reach your potential and make the statement you want!


And don't forget that as part of the Adrenaline Fix Karting team you benefit from data, opinions and experience of your teammates that are encountering the same track conditions as you are. As in any good team environment, everything is shared because everyone wants every team driver to succeed.

Just arrive at the track and drive 

If you're a racer that prefers not to make a significant investment to do your karting properly, we can put you in the driver's seat for private practice, open practice, a race day, a race weekend or a race series. You bring your race gear and your competitive attitude and we'll do the rest.


We'll provide a professional crew in both attitude and appearance, professionally prepared competitive karts, fuel, tires, spares and support equipment for one comprehensive fee. Whether a day of lapping or a full weekend of competition, your kart will be waiting for you and ready to go each time your class is called.

What can you expect?


Our arrive and drive programs offer competitive packages with full support for open or private practice days and racedays. The kart is prepped for each session by our crew and tuned for track conditions and your driving style. When possible we like to meet with our driver several days prior to a track event to fit the kart to the driver. At the track we work with you on set up and refer to our own experience with changing track conditions to find the right balance and provide the best driving experience we can give you.


At the track we work out of a fully powered 28' trailer with 400+ square feet of outside shelter for crew and driver comfort. The trailer is stocked with replacement parts to recover from any mechanical problem or crash. The trailer has WiFi access for our clients and data acquisition on the karts give us the ability analyze crucial performance information following a session. 




Fees include everything involved to put you on the track and keep you out there. Tires, fuel, spares and everything else is included. All the driver is responsible for is his/her pit passes, race/practice entry fee and any on-track crash damage. In the event of a wet race there is an additional $75 clean-up fee.


Race days provide you exclusive use of the kart for all official track sessions for your class(es) that day and full access to our crew and team equipment for the event. Tests days generally involve 6 to 8 ten lap sessions throughout the day with the attention of our dedicated crew and full use of team facilities. Half test days generally provide 3 to 4 ten lap sessions with the same compliment of support.


Note: Due to the design of racing karts and the nature of competitive kart racing, we must apply certain height and weight restrictions. Please contact us for details if you have concerns. 

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