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Let us do the dirty work

For our clients who own their own kart/engine package but don't have the time or the desire to do the 5 or 6 hours of maintenance and preparation between race weekends, we can provide the expertise and attention to detail to be sure you spend your time on the track not in the pits.


We prepare our clients' karts to the same level as we prepare our own karts. After each weekend of racing or day of practice we will thoroughly clean and inspect your kart, make the necessary adjustments or repairs, flip the tires for longer life and more even wear, put everything back to your baseline settings and strictly follow our time-proven checklists. We'll make recommendations on replacing parts that show wear and otherwise stand to jeopardize the success of your next outing. And our services extend to repairs beyond what can be considered regular maintenance. Alignments, scaling, seat installation and repairs and crash repairs including frame straightening are all within our capabilities and expertise.


We also do off-season rebuilds which are a great way to insure your success and reduce headaches during the following season. Our 15 hour ground-up rebuilds involve disassembly of the entire kart, cleaning and inspection of each and every component and reassemble to better-than-delivered standards. You're informed of any parts that need to be repaired or replaced before we do the work. The worn parts are provided when the finished kart is delivered as well as full documentation of what was done. It is a great time to get your kart re-powder coated and we can set that up for you including all transportation. Finally, we perform a complete alignment and scaling to be sure the is kart ready for your first outing of the year.

Race Prep

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