We can get you out there!


Since 2008 we have been providing the equipment, staff and expertise to get people just like you on track. Whether its the first step in the pursuit of a career in motorsports, another checkmark on a "bucket list" or just your idea of a high-speed, high-intensity extreme hobby, we can get you out there.


We have equipment and programs for every skill level and goal.  From relaxed track lapping days, to on-track schools, to race prep of your kart to race days and even championship series in our karts - we have everything you need.  

The Karts
The karts we offer are the real thing - not anything like the ones you drove at the amusement park or even the indoor kart place. Real, nimble racing karts with the latest technology and performance. Engine power ranges from 11 h.p. to 28 h.p. with speeds over 75 m.p.h. in the fastest category.

This is real, visor down, open wheel, 2.5G, white knuckle, wheel-to-wheel racing. Let's get started.
​Ride along with AFK driver Chris Guinn
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